Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 9

We are on our way from Valemont BC to Prince George BC . The rain had started during the night and lasted most of the day. It was not a heavy rain and would stop ever now and then. We were driving in the clouds some of the time. Really an interesting trip. Along the way we met a bear. We were coming over this hill and there he was. When we first came upon him, he walked in the middle of the road and stood up on to legs looking at us, then decided to leave first going left then deciding right was better. We did see a moose and deer and two other bear, but I am learning to have the camera at my eye at all times so I can get the picture. I am told that there will be so many opportunities to come to get the pictures of the animals.
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  1. Too bad the rest of the followers are not with us on this trip.
    There is more to see than we can tell or show in pictures