Friday, March 30, 2012

 Yesterday we went to an amusement park.  I hunt around on Groupon and find deals. One of the deals was this park for half price for 2 armbands..  Three hour armbands where for all rides in the park. Rog and I went before, but I could not go in the cars at this one because there was a post in the middle between the gas and the brake and for some reason they thought that I would need to brake.  Please, I thought this was racing (LOL).  So they gave me back the Groupon to get a refund or give it to someone else.  Well ,we asked Don and away we went.  They had other rides besides go carts, but Rog was really wanting to race.  They had two long tracks and one short track for racing.
Bumper cars
This is the short track

 Bumper boats with water gun mounted on the front and used by drivers
 The tracks were elevated
 Rog going up one of the elevated tracks
 Go Speed Racer
 Rog and Don went up the tall swing ride and I stayed on the ground to get Don's hat that blew off when they went all the way up and started swinging them around and around.
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