Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Yesterday we headed out for a morning of kayaking.  It has been a while since we have been out and Rog is relearning how to put on his personal floatation device ( or as most of us know it as a life jacket).  Us older folks need to do this relearning thing a lot.
All set and ready to go.  This is a lake on the resort.  They have their own dock and all.  It is nice.  There was a father and son  fishing off the dock.  It was fun listening to the conversation about how to fish and what the line feels like when you get a strike.  While we were there the boy caught a nice sized fish.  I did not go and find out what kind, but I know they have bass in the lake .
I am thinking this sand hill crane had a nest near by.  She (it) did not want to leave this area
It is spring and the flowers are blooming.  The blue flowers are interesting.  They are some kind of water plant around the lake.
Rog is lazying in his boat.  It was a nice day
Don was out with us too.
This guy came in and landed just off shore.  He was probably there to fish.  It is a snowy egret
funs over.
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