Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tue. April 17 (tax day) High 84 Lo 64 Cloudy later

 There was a time I was not blogging and I am not sure why, but I did take some pics and I thought I would share with you.  On our way across this wonderful country of ours we try and visit the capital of each state.  This is the state of Washington's capital.  The flag was interesting.  It is one of only 4.  The people of Washington were excited about being the 42nd state so they made a flag with the correct number of stars ready for the day to fly the very first flag after they join the USA.  Well the US officially adds states to the union  on the 4th of July and I think Idaho slipped in on the 3rd and foiled the plan of being the 42nd state and thus the 1st flag with 42 stars was not to be.  There was never an official  flag with 42 stars like this.   
 The capital building. We were told that it was built with timber money.  There are still a lot of trees in this state.
 Mt Rienier just sitting out there in the middle of no where.  We had just come down from Alaska and this mountain seemed so dramatic all alone.  I know that the mountains in Alaska and Canada were higher and more of them, but because there were so many altogether they did not seem so tall.  But when you are all alone wow
 Seattle  sunset The city looks really beautiful

We are lazying around today. It is so beautiful here and so comfortable.  I understand the humidity is low around 40%  lol I am so use to 9% in the desert.  With this down time we can fix things and the all important deep cleaning and go over the inventory in compartments to see if we really need or want it.  I would rather be traveling, but...
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