Sunday, May 6, 2012

Birdhouse High 92 lo 68 very moist out with thunder in the distance no rain here

I have been working on wood burning or  known in the trades as  Pyrography.  I purchased a birdhouse on sale at Michael's. Sanded and copied a design on to it then proceded to burn the design in.  Well this is easier said than done.  The grain of the wood forces the tip of the wood burner to go in a different direction you had first planned.  But all said and done I think I have done a pretty good job.  I am thinking I would like to give it another go.  Rog said he could make the houses, but if we can get them on sale I think that would be much easier.
Sanding the house
placed design on wood and started burning it
House is ready for occupancies.

We have also been working on the RV  We have all the bondo done and sanded and redone and sanded and primed and now we are painting and that part did not go so well.  So we went to the computer and googled and found (hopefully) where we went wrong.  So we will sand and start again.  We do have a problem in that we are suppose to be getting rain.  The story is never ending.
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