Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Day at Home High 89 Lo 71 Berly is now a full Tropical Storm

Happy Memorial Day and thank you to the troops and their families.  

Today we decided to stay home because the tropical storm BERLY  is coming and the news has been breaking in on the TV shows let us know how serious this storm could be since early this morning.  We thought people around here would be serious about this, but not so much.  They are out and about having fun on this Memorial Day Weekend.   It has been a nice morning sunny and bright.  Around 11:00 am the wind was blowing just a little.  Around 12:00 we had some good down pours, but they did not last long.  It is now 6:00 and it is over cast and windy, but not that bad.  I was thinking this was almost over, but they do not think so.  In fact they have up-graded this storm from a sub-tropical storm, not too bad some rain 2 3 inches some wind 65 mph.  Now we are a true tropical storm, which means more rain some places +10 inches and winds 75mph.  This is going to be fun.  Hold on and lets go.  It is now 7:30 and they have upgrade the storm again.  We are told that this storm is increasing in strength and is so very close to being a Cat. 1 hurricane.  they are talking about closing the taller bridges.  We were on one that is closed yesterday. 

Since I had to stay home decided to just ramble about stuff.  The first is about Tom, or as they call him in the Air Force and at his home Mitch.  Tom is stationed in Japan and is going to be TDYing (military term lol) in Alaska for a couple of weeks.  He Face booked that he was leaving Japan May 27th at 4:50 p.m. and arriving in Fairbanks, Alaska May 27th and 4:30 p.m.  That is some flying!!  (LOL) No, there is a big time change from there to there. He will be in the air over 20 hours.    

My next rambling is about Laura.  I posted about her  5K run yesterday.  This is quite the deal for her.  She is not one to be out running or walking just to do that.  She will take a walk and look at stuff, but not to walk.  A friend at work talked her into running this 5K.  Well, Laura did not just wake up yesterday and go run, no she has been slowly training .  She took some good advice and worked slowly to her goal.  She mentioned to me that she never thought she would ever be able to run 1 minute let alone run for 45 minute straight.  

You should be so proud of yourself and what you have done. 
We are!!  
   The pic above is a page from our National Park Passport Book.  As we go from state to state we have things we want to do.  One of those things is go to our national parks.  At each park they have stamps with info about the park and the date.  We also have some stamps of  lighthouses.  They also have a book of just lighthouse stamps if you want to do that too.

Other things we try and do in every state is kayak, go to the capitals, and geo cache.  Also as we travel around there is a lot of down time in the rv  in route to place to place.  While Rog drives I knit wheel chair blankets and I give them to nursing homes in each state.  Give me something to knit and a small gift to brighten someone day.  My folks traveled the country too, so I give the blankets in memory of them.

This is a special day for Rog because it is suppose to be bad weather out and we are not leaving the tv, and it is also Memorial Day and auto racing is on.  He announced this morning that there is going to be 1,100 miles of racing with Indy and NASCAR.  yippy 

Laura called this morning to make an announcement about the step-kitty, that is what I call her cat Neo.  Well, awhile back she ordered a set-up that trains the cats to use the toilet as a kitty box.  Well it came and she set-up it up and started time table of training.  They say it will take 2 to 6 weeks to train.  She called this afternoon and said both cats are using the new box and this is just days after the set up.  After all steps are completed the cats will be using the toilet as their kitty box, and all you do it flush.  This will eliminate a lot of money and work.  

Last rambling.  I purchased a guitar awhile back.  Well I have had one for years, but it is so big I can hardly hold it, but it is so pretty.  So I got another cheap one and hung it on the wall.   Today I had to stay home and decided dishes or guitar and guitar won.  I purchased a DVD called appropriately Guitar For Dummies.  Well it is quite good.  Now all I need is to toughen up my finger tips.  I heard somewhere that doing dishes was not good for that, I wonder if Rog will understand???    

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