Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Next Stop, Skidaway Island State Park, GA

 This is a Brown Thrasher.  It was flying around at our last stop.  In the sun he has this beautiful reddish color.  It is very striking flying from shade to sunlight flashing that beautiful reddish brown cape of feathers. 
 This is my herb garden.  It is really looking great.  Not to long ago I thought I was going to have to head back to the garden shop and purchase some new plants, but water and sunlight did the trick again.  I use the herbs so much as we travel.  We were at Sam's today and they had patio tomatoes that looks so good.  They were small, compact, and loaded with little green tomatoes.  I did not pick one up, but I may go back.
 Not too many pics.  We arrived at Skidaway Island State Park around 1 ish.  It is a beautiful place and so very reasonably priced.  We get water and electric, 50 amps.  This is very important for bigger rigs with two air-conditioner in the south in the summer.  The heat is not that bad, but the air conditioners takes the humidity out of the air and now it is pleasant again.  There is no sewer, but many comfort stations as they say here, restrooms with showers and laundry.  I might add that the washer and drier rates are very good too, $1.25/$1.25. 

We have been looking up things to do here and there are so many options for us.  We may have to come back.  We have plans to take a tour of Savannah and Paula Deen's new restaurant tomorrow night, dinner is included (ymmmm).  We are also looking into kayaking Moon River.  We can all hear the song playing in our heads now, can't we?  We also have a Groupon for a Bar-B-Q place close by.  We have a National Mt. and a popular island in GA.  I think she said it has the only beach in GA, have to check that out.  There are many other places to go and things to do that the state park printed out and gave to us.  I am also very excited to see a very beautiful bird that lives in the park.   Stay tuned for pics to come.    Anyway we will be very busy here.
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