Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Belated Happy Father's Day

This is sun rise over the Atlantic Ocean, well over some rv's and then the ocean.
My cousin Gene and his wife Susan happen to be vacationing with their family while we were there.  They rent a home for the whole family to stay in while on the Outer Banks.  They had their children, spouses, and grand kids with them.  Sounds like a fun vacation.

It was great visiting with them.  We had breakfast and visited awhile.  We were leaving the next day so had to take off and pack up the rig.  We are going to meet up with them later on the road in NC and going kayaking.  I am going to hold you to that Susan.
This is the home they rented and the other pics are the views off the back balcony.  They can sit with a cup of coffee and watch the waves for hours.
We had a great visit and a great day.

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