Friday, June 8, 2012

Greenbrook Gardens day 2 Part 3 farm and zoo

We returned to the Gardens early this morning.  We decided to take in the farm animals that would have been during the plantation time and the zoo, are animals of South Carolina.  The first are the farm animals.  This pic shows the Dominique Chickens.  You will also notice a guest has come for a meal too, Steve is here too.  LOL  The chickens were kept for meat and eggs.  They were so common that they were not in the written records of the property owners.  Slaves had their own chickens too. 
Tunis Sheep; meat and wool.  The babies are born a reddish brown and turn white has they get older.  These sheep first came to America from Africa in 1799.  They can tolerate the heat.
Red Devon cattle came to America in 1623.  They were prized for being docile and  having a hardy nature.  They were used for milk, meat and also used to haul things and plow fields.

Zoo animals

Great Blue Heron
This is the first, if not the only, avery built over a marsh.  The pole in the middle is over 90 ft tall and supports the very center of the enclosure.  It is very big and has many trees for the birds to fly around in.  We enter and leave through two double doors at each place.  So the birds can not get out.
River Otter
Even the zoo area has many sculptures.  I liked this one.
Large Alligator.  He has been here for over 30 years.  Alligators dig underwater mud dens to escape the hot summers and cool off.  During droughts these mud dens served as wet sanctuaries and provided a water source for the area wildlife (and maybe a meal or two for the gator)
Bold Eagle. Was born 1986.  Her left wing was partially amputated because of a gunshot injury
Barred Owl
Red Shoulder Hawk
Red Tailed Hawk
Muted Swan,  We also have them here at the rv park.  They are so graceful.
Spanish goat first brought here in the 1500's by Spanish explorers.  They were a source of meat, wool, and pelts. They were the only breed of goat known in   the Southern U S for more than 300 years.  These goats are from the only know strains of the pure breed Spanish goat.
barn owl
turkeys.  They were far away, but we could sure hear them all over the zoo.

This concludes the Barn and Zoo part of the Gardens. This also concludes the Second Day at the Gardens
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