Wednesday, June 20, 2012

On the road again and belated father's day part 2

 Maggie building a nest.

The rv was ready and we went to pick it up.  Well the rv was ready, but not the paperwork.  We had to wait 20/30 minutes.  This was 9:30 ish in the morning of a heat wave coming so I stayed with the dogs in the car.  I had all the windows down all the way and two doors open.  We have the back of the car with all seats down and loaded and strapped down.  The dogs ride on the top of the load on a rug.  

Well Maggie decided to build herself a nest.  She took the piece of "luggage" and dug out all the dirt laundry and crawled inside the paper bag and stayed there.
She is cute.

Rog finally came out with the bill in hand.  They had to replace the lift pump for the fuel line thingy.  The guy said we were very lucky because usually when this pump goes, it does things to the whole inside of the engine and causes a pressure pump to fail too.  Which is way more money and time.  We were pleased with only having to fork out $1,200
First tunnel,  we had to pull over and turn off the propane tanks.  the man had to witness the process. Safety is good.

We got the rv and headed down the road.  All I can say is we have traveled a lot now and this area is the worst we have ever traveled.  Let me start.  The roads go no where, well it seems that way.  You can see where you want to be, but the road does not go there.  They are narrow,  they took a 4 lane road squeezed in a middle turn lane and now every lane is very narrow.  They are in need of repair.  Shovel ready job????  They have toll roads everywhere, $4.00 a shot.  And tunnels under the bay everywhere.  The tunnel we wanted was closed, Interstate 64.  Most of the time when we would go out in the car while stuck here the sign for that bridge would say 6 to 7 mile wait!!!!  It was backed up and stopped when we got there, but were able to bypass and go  the naval base way and go around it. 

With the bridge out we had to find our way out of the mess of roads and go another way.  Well our GPS decided it didn't like the roads either and stopped.  So I was in charge of map reading.  Well the only map I had was the states in a book.  There is really not much detail in one of those.  I have a grouchy driver, with 40 ft. rv and a tow car needing to know when to turn now on narrow roads and city traffic and all.  

Yup, were still together. LOL
This  highway is instead of Interstate 64, Interstate 664.  It is going over Chesapeake Bay.  We are now on the bridge and off in the distance you can see the entrance to the tunnel.  The tunnels are there instead of building a very tall section of bridge to accommodate big ships.
tunnel entrance coming
Big ship
Here we go down, down, down
Big Ship

We got to the rv park safe and sound.  And ALL took naps.

I have a part 2.  It is the blog on father's day that I could not do.
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