Saturday, June 16, 2012

Southern trip on highway 12 Part 1 of 2

Water Sports on the Outer Banks, NC

On our trip today we got to see some people having the times of their lives in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Sound.

The pic above are people Wind Sailing in the Atlantic Ocean.  In the ocean it appears that you sail down the water in one direction.  We saw them out our rig, but by the time I pushed Rog out the door and to the beach they were a ways down the beach.  We got these pics with the telephoto lens.  They appear to surf the breakers.  I guess that is the lingo.  It is still pretty rough out there this morning.  They were gone before you knew it.   

The pics that follow are in the Pamlico Sound.  Notice the difference in the water.  Remember only a 1/4 mile separtes the Atlantic Ocean and the Sound. 
Then we came upon this type of wind sailing.  Thought the pic was interesting because I have a kite boarder in the background, a sail boarder in the middle and a bird flying without a board in the fore ground.
The next group of pics are the kite sailors.  We parked on the side of the road and watched them for the longest time.  Here you see the beach area and the vegetation.  The guys would sail up to the beach and jump up using the beach as a kind of spring boar, and do flips and stuff.  I have pics to follow.  There were about 15/20 out in the water and you can see on the kites ready to go. 
They would make a circle as they sailed around bank on the shore line and do their jump, twist, trick.... and out they would go to play again.  They are really traveling fast around the water.
Here he come to the shoreline to jump
up he goes
this pic shows the harness and the handles to the kite.
The next group of pics shows the guys doing their thing and wow
do you notice he took his board off his feet.  Yes, he got it back on time to land on the water. 

It was a great day and we had a great time.
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