Saturday, June 16, 2012

Southern trip on highway 12 part 2

 Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

We got up this morning and decided to head down highway 12.  As if we had a choice highway 12 is it.  We were going to go over the ferry to the other lighthouse, but decided we would leave that 40 minute each way adventure for another day.  So we have been on highway 12 all the way to the northern end and almost to the southern end.  

This lighthouse is in Hatteras, really in Buxton almost where the ferry is.   It is also known as America's Lighthouse.  This lighthouse was officially completed and lit in 1870.  It is the tallest brick beacon in the country standing 208 feet.  The black and white spiral-striped landmark serves as a warning to boaters of submerged and shifting sandbars which extend almost 20 miles off the shore in the ocean. 

You can climb the lighthouse, 248 spiral-step stair case is the equivalent of climbing a 12 story building.  No!  I did not climb it.  I will not own a 2 story house why would I think climbing 12 stories would be fun.  
Rog did not climb it either.  Said something about keeping me company, and I would be so bored waiting for him if he went.  Sounds like excuses to me.
These are the out buildings to the lighthouse.  The one closest is made out of brick.
We were told by the range that it took 2,100,000 bricks to build this guy.  and 50,000 or so bricks to build the house in the above pic.  They ordered 2,250,000 brick, but a barge sank with 100,000 oops.  The bricks were made in Virginia.
There were 3 lighthouses built and this is the foundation of one of them built in 1803.

End of our southern trip on Highway 12.
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