Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Location.

This is a statue at the guarded entrance to the capital of Virginia in Richmond.  The guy in the little shack in front of the statue would only let us drive around the statue to take pics. 
This is the capital building itself. You can see the back and the front of the building.  The smaller buildings are the legislative houses.    I can now put a star for the capital of Virginia on my map. 
This a beautiful cathedral next to the capital building

We left Chesapeake Bay Resort this morning and headed to the next location on our travels.  We are now at Lynchburg RV resort. We are still in Virginia.   This resort is located between Lynchburg and Appomattox.  We are planning trips out to learn the history of this area. 
This is the very first time visiting this resort.  We are very impressed.  This is the entrance gate where you check-in.  We were given the pertinent info and a map of the place and said to return when we had picked out our site.  It did not take us long.  We pick the first one that feels good and park it.  We are here for only 2 weeks, it is not like we are living here the rest of our lives. 
We drove around the place after we got all settled in.  It has two good sized lakes.  Here you can see the beach on the bigger  of the two lakes.  They have it all set up so you just come, chairs and umbrellas are waiting for you.  There is also a volley ball area on the beach.  Behind the beach area you can see a white building.  That is were the swimming pool is located complete with changing rooms and showers. They also have basketball courts, tennis, pickle ball, horseshoes, shuffle board.  I getting tired just telling you about it.  LOL
Nice big pool with spa
This is our site.  Really nice sitting under the trees with the birds singing.  And by the way Steve is here too.
On the way here we saw another paper mill.  This shows more of the operation.  We are on a bridge going over yet another huge river.  On the other side of the bridge are the logs being processed and turned into wood pulp.  You see the white tube, that is the conveyer system sending the wood pulp to the paper mill.  The piles of wood pulp is sent to the mill and out comes paper.
This is art.  These flowers were growing here and they are very pretty.  Enjoy.
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