Saturday, June 30, 2012


Fallen tree on road just up from us.

It was hot hot hot yesterday.  While watching TV the program was stopped to warn of impending server weather,  T-storm with extremely high straight-line winds, up to 85 mph!!!!  The warning stated to close all windows and shades and stay away from them because of the winds.  I have not heard that one before.  

  Well about 9:00 it was calm as could be and at 9:01 all hell broke loss.  I have never seen it like that before.  No wind, to 85 mph winds in minutes.  We could hear things falling on the top of the rig and stuff blowing.  Then the lightning and thunder and some rain, but not as much as one would think.  We lost power at the park for maybe  9 to 10 hours.  Not a problem for self contained RV's because we have water and generators on board, but still.  It is very dark and we are hearing a lot of talking and noises outside, but then all is quite.  Well in the morning we find out what the noise was all about. 

This storm came through a wide area.  While out talking a guy who was watching a car race in Kentucky on TV and saw this same storm before it got here.  He said the pit boxes, where the cars come in for gas and such during the race, were being blow all over.  Rog was watching a golf tournament today that was in Maryland and they had to delay the game because this storm tore up a lot of trees on the course.  And we heard on the news that over 100,000 people  still do not have power and they are hoping by next Saturday they will have all power restored.  The spokes person stated this was the worse power outage ever in their company's history.

The storm that whipped through the region Friday night was called a derecho (duh-RAY'-choh) , a straight line wind storm that sweeps over a large area at high speed. It can produce tornado-like damage. The storm, which can pack wind gusts of up to 90 mph, began in the Midwest, passed over the Appalachian Mountains and then drew new strength from a high pressure system as it hit the southeastern U.S., said Bryan Jackson, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

The workers here at the park we up bright and early cutting the tree
branch up and getting things cleared out.

This is where it broke off.

It landed on this poor guys truck.  I was talking to him and he said he did not hear anything.  He said his neighbor came over and said you better get out here and take a look.

This is the wood from the tree and they pushed the branches and other stuff off to the side with a skip loader.  There are more piles of wood all over the park and we took a little trip out and trees are  down all over.

We are under another T-storm warning tonight.  It is raining now, but no lightning yet and no wind so far. 

The red cross have opened "cooling stations" (schools, fire stations, police stations) because of the extreme heat.  More heat tomorrow. 

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  1. Eddie's not far from where you are. He lives in Verona, Virginia in the Waynesboro/Charlottesville area. He called yesterday to tell that he had no electricity and had to crank up his generator. All the trees in his back yard were decimated. Glad you and Roger are safe and didn't have any damage to your RV. —Cindy