Friday, June 15, 2012

Part 1 of 2 Trip June 15th

We decided to walk to the ocean here at the rv park.  They have a neat walkway and all to get there.  I am standing on the steps looking down at the beach.  Needless to say it is high tide.  We have been here before and there was room to put a towel down and get some rays.  It is still windy today so the waves are big too. 
Rog was not expecting this big one.  He had been out walking around and bam ...  Said the water was not all the warm.  So funny a man comes by not long after Rog said this and was marveling at how warm the water was. 
breaking wave
Audubon's Shearwater at the beach.
The ocean is so big and powerful I get lost in all of it.  I could sit and watch for hours.
This is kite boarding.  We have been here watching when there have been 15/20 zipping around.  I think it would be so much fun to do.  They have competitions here every year.  We just missed the one for this year.  People come from all over the world.

They do flips ,spins, and there is a rail out in the water where they slide down like the kids on skate boards. 

Notice the water.  We just left the ocean beach area and came here.  No waves.  It is 1/4 mile across the island.  
The "kites" are all different colors, but appear to be one shape only.
Love this pic.  This person was out in the water just minutes before and he just floated, at a high rate of speed, to shore.  They have a person help hold the kite at the launching  and the landing. 
This place is really set up to kite boarding.  Along the outside edge are air hoses, the small green lines,  to inflate the kites.  As you can see the kites have a half-moon shape tubing at the top that is filled with air.  The rest of the kite is nylon with some supports.  The way the kites are placed on the ground keeps the wind from picking them up.  The kiters  have a harness on their butts and control line from the kites in their hands.  

We talked with someone there about the lack of kiters here today and we were told the wind is coming from a different direction and they were kiting, but not there this time.
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