Friday, June 29, 2012


I do not have pics for this blog.  We did not go anywhere or do anything because it was so hot.  They are breaking records here since records were started.  It is going to be hotter tomorrow according to forecasts.

We do not have 50 amps at this park.  For RVers with bigger rigs that is important information particularly in hot weather.  That means we can only run one of the two air conditioners at a time or else you will blow a breaker and have to reset all your clocks after you go out side to reset the breaker.  Even with two air conditioners working becuase rv's do not have thick installation in their thin walls it does not keep your rig as cool as say, Wal Mart or even Micky D's.  

They say we will have at least another week of this heat , with tomorrow being the hottest and starting to cool a couple of degrees each day after that. So working my calculations 105 tomorrow, next day 103, next day 101, ... Christmas 85 LOL no snow this year.  

Dogs got a bath.  Two reasons; one to get them cooled off and two and maybe even one to get rid of those damn fleas.  We are bathing them with anti flea soup (I thought) and they get Front Guard almost no flea flea removal stuff once a month.  The vets say it is the best stuff out there to use.  Well at least they are clean and fluffy. 

Well we are getting a lot of reading done and playing card games.  I should be knitting or woodburning, but they all seem hot activities to be doing at 104.   

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