Thursday, July 26, 2012

Duck Ride/Boone Cave

We took a trip to the park. The spot for family fun, this 425-acre park is located 8 miles southeast of Salisbury North Carolina.. We were very impressed and surprised at what we encountered here.  We missed the bear feeding.
  The first thing we did was take a spin around the lake.  We had to take a duck ride!!! They were paddle boats.  We could have taken a plain boring one, like the ones behind us here.  We had a choice of  a pelican, dragon, swan, or my favorite a "little yellow ducky".

Some of the others
What a handsome head.
Here you can examine the way the boat is powered.  Also the small hole!!! in my boat.   While we were out on the lake the conversation some how twisted around to me being on the lake by myself and Rog came up with his quote of the day " I would be a sitting duck"  because I can not paddle.  LOL Rog.
The real thing
After we (well Rog) were done paddling around the lake we took another road in the park that led us to a wonderful area.  This board details what awaits you on the other side of the fence.
The first thing we noticed and heard was this carousel.  It is called the Haden's Carousal.  The pics below are the animals on this ride.
You must come enjoy the music, lights and magic of this beautiful carousel! "Haden's Carousel" was given to Dan Nicholas Park in memory of Haden Holmes Hurley (1936-96) by his wife Jennifer and brothers Jim and Gordon. The Hurley family published the Post from 1912-97.

  The Hurley Train Station is one of the most popular attractions of the Park! Come ride the Spencer Moose Special, Stanback Express or the F&M Bank Express.The train ride went around the park. In this pic it is just about to enter a covered tunnel with neat things inside to see.
They had big bees
and  this beautiful butterfly.  Viewing this guy from the underside was as pretty as the view from the top.
Farmer Rog with his faceless animals.  They also have a petting zoo.  

Boone Cave

 Legend says that Daniel Boone was only 16 when
his family settled on the banks of the Yadkin River in the
spring of 1750. The park includes a picnic area, several
hiking trails, a 1700's style cabin, and a small cave thought to be Daniel Boone's hideout.  The newest additions to the park is a canoe and kayak trail that descends about 1400 feet down to the Yadkin River
The cave I saw is located up the slope a short distance from the river. The space inside is quite small, perhaps the size of a very large closet with a cone shaped (large at the front, narrowing at the end) tunnel, 8 or 9 feet long, off to the left.
According to stories passed down, the Boone family briefly lived in one of the caves while they constructed their cabin. Another legend has it that Daniel hid in the river cave from a Cherokee hunting party once—one warrior being so determined that he tried to wait Boone out as he was escaping through a small passage to the other side of the hill.
This is called Baptism Rock.
The trail that one would usually take to the caves was in disrepair so we had to take the kayak trail.  It was way longer and still quite steep in places.  Not a bad hike going down, but there is always the trip back up.  It was oh about 85 out, but the killer was the 97 percent humidity.  I almost died getting back to the car. 
The plaque going into the park or in this case when we are leaving the park.
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