Monday, July 16, 2012


 We decided to go kayaking at Lake Norman State Park in North Carolina.  Don and our friends Les and Michelle enjoyed the day with us.  We spent the morning on the lake and then had a Bar B Q at the lake.  It was great fun.

Great Blue Heron
Laura,  Don let Laura use his kayak. 

Roger's turn now and Laura waiting for her dad to move out.

Don sitting out for awhile

Les comes in Roger goes out and Michelle is enjoying the view.  They found a nice little beach for those that needed a place to stay while the rest kayaked.
I rescued a beautiful June Bug out of the water, but a poor fish does not get a meal.  There is never a clear right answer to life's situations are there?
A deer in the woods
This is where we decided to have lunch.  Rog is changing shoes from wet to dry and Laura is making sure the watermelon makes it down the hill.  Go ahead let go I will catch it.
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