Monday, July 9, 2012

Yesterday, trip Lynchburg. VA

A picture is worth a thousand words.  The temp on the left is inside our rig and the right is outside and the time is in the afternoon.  Storm yesterday so no electricity, no computer, no blog.  Sorry, but it was around 2:00 A.M. before we got electricity and I was way tired.  I really feel for the power company because they are working so hard to get the power up from the storm that happened 11 days ago and then we get these big thunderstorms with lightening that takes them down again.  We did not go anywhere anyway so I did not have much to say.  We only have the one air conditioner in the rig here because we only have 30 amp.  So we close off the back half of the rig and run the front unit.  The back half of the rig was a lot hotter.  The news was reporting that it was so hot that the roads here were melting and buckling.  There was also a story about an airplane that melted into the tarmac.  They tried unloading the passengers and moving it, but that did not work. So they had to get a cart thingy to pull it out.  Unreal !!

We took a day trip into Lynchburg, VA.  The goal for today was to go the Sam's for a few things.  We always manage to spend $100.00 no matter how many few the things there are.  Our other stop was to a nursing home to delivery my wheelchair lap robe to Virginia.  Jobs done.  

We traveled a short 7/8 mile on only one road up and back again because of detours and we saw all of this destruction.  Remember this storm happened 11 days ago and people have been working around the clock to fix things.

This tree is sooo big and destroyed this house.
Maybe 3/4 blocks and another home.
Branches on the lines as we go by.  The roads are closed or they have flagmen because the power people and their lift trucks are everywhere working hard.  They almost have everyone up with electricity now.  There maybe 2,000 without.  Remember there were 2 million out in the beginning.  People here say this is like a huge hurricane that came through a very large area.
We were coming out of Sam's Club and I looked up and saw this on the hillside.  So a couple came to their car and I asked what this was about.  She said it was a ski slope.   There is a couple, a very generous couple that built this slope for the university.  You can see the university buildings in the foreground.  She said last weekend that this generous couple had the snow making machines working to make snow for the kids mainly, but all to enjoy, in this heat wave. 
Close up of the sky slope.  amazing
These trucks were everywhere in Lynchburg today. 

Road trip!    We are going to Advance NC to our next stop.  We will be there 3 weeks.  
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