Friday, July 27, 2012

Hot and Muggy Stayed Home

We decided to stay home and rest up and stay cool.  It is in the 90's temp wise and 97% humidity.  In real temperature that would equate to around 107 degrees, according to the weather peeps.  Just to let you know that is really uncomfy.

We did do some cleaning, well a lot of cleaning inside where both of our air conditioners are working overtime.  It really does not take long to clean this little place. LOL

 Rog measured in the bedroom for flooring.  We are finally going to take out the carpet and put in laminate flooring.  I say finally because I asked about it months ago when the floor got all wet, sopping wet and the mild dew set in and the smell is not good.  I say soon, but he just purchased the flooring today and is "planning" on putting it in "soon". Those are words that have different meanings to each of us.  So I will let you know when "soon" is, later. It will be great to get the smelly carpet out.

We do still have a leak, but we think it is the vent for the washer/drier.  We have purchased a replacement which is hooded.  We are hoping this well solve our problem.  Hoping to get that in "soon" too.

I got a new magazine on cooking for two.  I tried a chicken pot pie recipe.  It was really good. While Laura was here she cooked the over top lasagna.  We really liked it too.  I might put these on the blog some day. 

We just enjoyed a big thunderstorm.  We haven't had one in a couple of days and it was nice, not to have them.  

It is my grandson Andrew's birthday today. 
                            HAPPY BIRTHDAY KID

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