Monday, July 30, 2012

cartoons/packing up

I love these cartoons.  These are especially for my wine drinking buds. LOL

  I got these gems on a friend's face book page. 

We have seen a few spots like this on the road and wondered too, but I must admit we never have looked this close.

We are all packed up.  We do need to unhook electric and water, which is always done the morning of the trip.  We do have to pack up the inside.  Yes, we have stuff sitting around on tables and the floor and that is not good for very long in a moving rv.  You also must secure cupboards, cabinets and draws.  

When we load all the stuff is also when we think about getting rid of some of it.  The biggie would be the kayaks.  They are so big and the stuff that goes with.  But we still enjoy doing it and we have a few more states to kayak in.   So we figure we have a few more years to go. 

We are going to meet up with Don and our friends at the new location.  My cousins will also be up in the mountains,  They are renting a cabin for a week.  It will be great to see all again. 

Our new place is located in the mountains of North Carolina.  We are hoping for cooler temps.  We are  also not sure how strong the Internet signal will be there.  That said it means the blog my not be for a while. 

The new washer/drier vent passed the "rain storm" today.  Rog sprayed with a hose and all was fine.  Of course the rain storm would have been a bit longer, but we shall see.  We are hoping it will pass a real one now. 

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