Monday, July 23, 2012


We decided to get up and out before the thunderstorms and get some kayaking in.  We went to a different lake this time.  We are at High Rock Lake in North Carolina.  It is way smaller than Lake Norman, but still pretty big.  It is noted for its great bass fishing.  We do not have fishing licenses so no fishing for us. There was lots of activity at the boat ramp which was just to our left.  I asked on guy if he was fishing or catching.  He laughed and said "I get it, I guess we were just fishing today, no catching."  In this pic Rog is getting his paddles together to head out.
Laura is waiting for hers.  She tried, but they had gotten wet and sandy the last time out, so it was hard for her to slide them together.  So her daddy helped her out.
Rog launches Laura into the lake and off she goes.
Off in the distance you can see the happy kayakers.  We only have two kayaks so I volunteered to stay back on shore.
And while I was waiting I spied a bottle washed ashore, but alas no note inside.  LOL
We did not get up and out early enough because it was already quite windy when they started, but the wind does help keep you cool.  Here they are coming back in after an hour or so out on the lake.
It was really a pretty lake with a small grass/beach  area for me.  I did not mention the mosquitoes in the grass.  So, as you walked around they, millions, flew up and wanted a meal of you.  We did have our trusty can of bug spray with us.  You go no where in the south without it.
There was this other family there too.  I had never seen ducks with spotted breasts before.  Pretty.
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