Saturday, July 28, 2012

more at home

We stayed home again.  

We are slowly, ever so slowly, getting things ready and packed up for our next move.  

One of these days we will decide to get rid of  things, but now we just can't live without it.  So we unpack, repack, move around, and shuffle from here to there.  LOL

We cleaned out the car.  Put all the seats down and started to pack it up.  We took the kayaks off the racks on the trailer and disassembled the trailer and put in the back of the car.   This part of the pack up has to happen first because the frame and tongue of the trailer is on the bottom.  We put other things in too.  We also emptied the tent.  We have the tent so we have a place to put all the stuff from the car.  Are you beginning to see that we have too much stuff?  

Well it has been quite moist here and the outside and inside of the tent was wet.  Yes, some things that were inside the tent were wet too, but not that bad really.  We took them out, wiped them down and put them in the sun to dry.  Yea right, in 85% humanity, get dry.  But, after time they did dry.  So all the tent stuff is packed away now. 

We decided to go out to eat tonight.  The Barbecue place that is real close, Tar Heel Q has been closed up until a couple of days ago.  The times we been out and driven by they have been very busy, so we decided to check them out.  It is good.  But we both are ready to leave the Carolina Barbecue behind and try something new.  We are not liking the vinegar base barbecue.  

I also cut Rog's hair.  It is interesting that he is wearing his hat a lot more now.hummmmm

More packing tomorrow.

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