Thursday, July 12, 2012


We are on our way to the Raleigh - Durham airport to pick up our daughter Laura.  We had a 118 mile trip to get there.  It rained most of the way and there were many accidents.  Rog built time into our trip for delays like this and we still had time to stop off at Micky D's for a drink and read a book to eat up time.
We down loaded an app to our phone to keep track of the flight information.  I was amazed at the detail of the information.  We had a little map with the plane "flying" across United States.  It was great fun to watch.
It gave the altitude, time in flight, and time remaining.
Rog said her plane was coming in backwards and landing might be interesting.
Laura's plane coming in,
Our last update.  She arrived safe and sound.  

We spent the day with friends and family.  We played Wii bowling and pictionary.  It was great fun.  Then took a dip in the pool.  
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  1. Hope you guys have fun together. Vance and I are going to be out your way soon. We're going to Nashville on Saturday. The Smoky Mountains a week later - I want to say I've been to North Carolina.