Saturday, July 14, 2012

working men

We kayak.  When we are on the road towing the car the kayaks are on top of the car.  When we get to our site and all set up ready to have fun it is easier to put the kayaks on a trailer.  So Roger modified a trailer to fit our needs.  

While on the road we carry the trailer in parts in the car.  The pics show Rog, I help too, putting the trailer together.  The top pic shows the pieces parts.   
Next wheels, tongue, and fenders.   Rog is holding the racks we place the kayaks on.  These racks are the ones we use when we place the racks on the cars too.
Racks ready for kayaks
Ready for fun.  When we are ready to leave we dismantle the trailer, place it in the car, put the racks on top of the car, and then the kayaks go up.  We are ready for the next place.

We have awnings that cover the slide outs on the rig.  These awnings fill up with water when it rains.  Rog goes up on the roof with a broom and sweeps the water off before we slide the units in.

Well our friend Les has a wonderful idea for solving this problem.  He built this thingy.  Must get a name for it Les.  The thingy is a long flexible pole with a squeegee on the end to scrape the water off the awning.
You can see the squeegee at the end of the pole
Water is pouring off the awning and onto the ground.
Nice, Les, trying it one handed.  It is the neatest thingy.  Thank you!!

I saw this on Facebook and had to put it on my blog.  It feels like this here.
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