Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Birds and other winged creatures

I spent the morning out with my camera taking pics of birds.  This one did not drink from the feeder, but hung around for a while.  He did not go to the feeder with seed so I do not know what he eats.  I am figuring insects, but some birds do eat seeds just from the ground. 
My "associate" and I conferred and came up with maybe a warbler for this one
Hummers.  We have three that I know of and they are quite busy keeping each other from the feeder.
So cute with the leaves changing one can almost miss this cute gal.  I am thinking this is a female bluebird.
Hanging around the bar-be. I could not find this guy in my bird book.
Cardinal from afar.
Another blue bird sitting on the very edge.
A tiny "Ugly Brown Bird" as my brother would call it foraging on the ground
Hummer sitting up high in a tree.  This guy was very hard to find and difficult to photograph, but I got him
These guys are always fighting.  Notice this one on his back flying and more to the point fighting or is this surviving?  
This one is attacking with his feet pouncing "cat" like, oops birds, wrong likeness for this.

This guy just happen to fluttery by while I was sitting outside talking on the phone with Laura.  
  We hung around camp.  The MiFi was really slow so Rog took the computer to the lodge where they have internet for us and looked it up on line and found an update and wow what a different an up date makes.  It went from forever to zip done.  Loving it.   

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