Thursday, September 27, 2012


Got up and out and was able to take this great pic of the sunrise.  The camera eye is not as good as the human eye.  Just double the color and brightness of this and you have what my eyes saw.  It was great.

Since we are leaving this campground tomorrow we decided to take one last kayak trip.  It was a great morning no wind and we saw lots of birds, butterflies, flowers, berries, and fish. 

Again I took my camera and took over 400 pics so here are a few of the more interesting and pretty ones.

Interesting butterfly or moth.  Notice there are two sets of wings; the lighter wings are horizontal and the darker wings are vertical

The butterfly below is really pretty.

Another feather in the water pic.  This time the feather is floating the opposite way than the other and not as much sunlight on it. 

We also come upon some delicious looking berries along the waters edge.

Woodpecker of some sort.  I love the pic below of him reaching for what I assume is a yummy bug.

A beautiful red bird above me in a tree.

Below is a snowy egret. We saw so many of these at the waters edge fishing.

This is an amazing site to me.  We are under a storm watch now.  I sat down to do this blog and looked out the front window of the rig and saw this.  It is a large group of pelicans hanging out in a safe place to ride out the storm.

Rog is stalking a snowy egret.  He has gotten a lot closer to them than I could get.  This is as close as he got because it flew away soon after this pic was taken.

We also saw some flowers along the way.   The orange flower reminds me of a lily of some kind and the white flower below that reminds me of a hibiscus. 

I must start this part of the blog with I do not have a fishing pole, hooks, lines, sinkers, no fishing stuff at all, but I still caught this large catfish.  Read on....

While floating along the edge of the water I spotted round metal thingys hanging from the trees and bushes.  Just before this I came upon a string strung between to tree branches out a ways in the water.  After investigating I found attached to all that string a fishing pole and reel submersed in the water.  It had been there a while and was all tangled so I left it.  So I wanted to know what was with these metal disks.  There were about 6 or 7 most were just attached to the branch of the tree, I thought tangled.  Some had line going into the water, but when I pulled on the line there was nothing at the other end, not a hook or weight, just string.  Then the last one something was pulling on the line and when I came up to it I found a big catfish.  So now I know that they are remote fishing lines.  Now that is cheating.  You should have to be out there in the elements getting bit by insects, waiting forever for the darn fish to bite.  What's this about setting traps and coming back in your leisure to find a fish at the end of your line. They even appeared like they had not been tended to for a long time and the poor fish was left to starve!  So I let him go!  He lives another day.  

 You can really see the small reel like thing attached to the tree with the line going out.  This one the line going out had a hook and fish on the end. It also had some kind of release because the line could go in and out as the fish pulled it.  Well this one is located somewhere else.  I'm bad.

 These cartoons are so on the money and really not funny.

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