Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day/ almost no internet still

Well I am hoping they have the internet up and running tomorrow. 
We had light rains today there was no wind or lightning.  They say that Wednesday the moisture should be out of the air and the showers will be all gone.  We are looking forward to that. 
We just stayed at home today.  We invited Don over for dinner.  Rog did the bar-b-que and I fixed fried potatoes and bake beans. 
We went for a walk around a small section of the park and met a nice couple.   They had gone to an Amish auction.  We were invited to follow them to the next one this Wednesday.  Let you know how that goes.
This is a KOA/Thousand Trails Resort.  It is a big park, but most of the sites are water and electric only.  And all the sites are 30 amps only.  Each sites electrical pedestal has two 30 amp outlets.  So if you have a Y adapter you can up your amperage and those with two air conditioners can run them both. It is really not all that hot, but the humidity is so high we need the air to take the moisture out of the air and then it is comfortable.  Well we picked a site that had only one 30 amp outlet.  If the weather stays warm and moist we might have to move. 

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