Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Meriwether Lewis/ Blue Moon

Yippy!!!! We are back to a whole lot of Internet so the pics are back.  I do have a lot of them, but I do not want to over whelm you with them so here are a few.

Meriwether Lewis is considered one of the world’s great explorers, and his death on the trace is one of the great American mysteries.  The leader of the Lewis and Clark Expedition is buried on the Old Natchez Trace near Hohenwald, Tennessee, where a monument marks is grave.  President Jefferson selected Lewis to lead the first American expedition across the unmapped continent.  Upon Lewis’ return, Jefferson appointed Lewis governor of the west upper territory west of the Mississippi River, for control of the new territories and surrounded by ruthless political enemies.  On October 11, 1809, while traveling to Washington  to meet with President Madison and carrying the expedition journals, Lewis died of gunshot wounds at Grinder’s Stand, a stand is a build where travelers would stay the night, on the Natchez Trace.  Some say it was suicide and others say he was assassinated. Whatever the facts surrounding his death, his sudden and tragic demise at an obscure place in a remote wilderness ended the career of one of the nation’s most noted explorers.


Beneath this monument erected under Legislative act by the state of Tennessee.A. D 1888 reposes the dust of Meriwether Lewis.  A captain of the U.S. Army, Private Secretary to President Jefferson, Senior Commander of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, and Governor of the Territory of Louisiana.
The report of the Committees appointed to carry out the provisions of the monument act contains these significant statements: “Great care was taken to identify the grave.  George Nixon Esq., an old surveyor, had become very early acquainted with the locality.  He pointed out the place; but to make assurance doubly sure the grave was re-opened and the upper portion of the skeleton examined and such evidence found as to leave no doubt of the place of interment.

Off in the distance you can see a building.  This building has not been open when we have been there, but said to house stuff about the man.  Maybe 10 feet away is the site of the Grinder Stand building I will talk about in the next pic.


Grinder House
The site and ruins of the Grinder House, in which Meriwether Lewis met is death on the night of Oct 11, 1809

Blue Moon
Is a full moon that appears in the sky the second time in the same month.  I tried to get a pic, but my camera is not quite good enough.  My camera wanted to expose a double moon.  One shot looks like a pic taken in space of the earth and the sun. LOL

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