Sunday, September 23, 2012

More fun by the lake

I know it was the 23rd yesterday in Japan where he is, but it is the 23rd here, now, where his mother is and this is the day for me. lol 

This pic was taken on the river side of the campground.  This hawk is fishing over the water.  
I was taking pics of the bird and did not know I had this shot until I got home and down loaded them onto the computer

The Great Leopard Moth

Here's What that Caterpillar Turns Into (I think)

White Moth with Black Spots Giant Leopard Moth
Pretty amazing huh? That's exactly what I thought. You may have never seen this moth (who could forget seeing this creature?) because they are nocturnal. 

We did a bit more waxing on the rig and reading for Rog and knitting for me.  It was a very lazy day.  Rog has to be up and out by 8 in the morning to get the new batteries for the exterior workings of the rv.  He will also have them check the other two to see if they are good.  Don will be leaving us tomorrow.  He decided to head on up to Branson, Missouri and enjoy the area sooner than us. 

And a very good night to you all..

We all need to ask him to bless our country.
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