Monday, September 17, 2012

new place

We got up this morning with rain pouring down.  We were glad we looked at the weather ahead and got busy picking up and packing early. 
We did have a few things to do in the rain.  So we donned our rain gear and headed out in the elements.  We needed to disconnect the water and sewer lines and pack them away and unplug the electricity.  We also place blocks under the jacks so those had to be taken out and placed in the rv. 
Rog had a slight problem starting the rv this morning.  It did not want to turn over.  With motorhomes one has two sets of batteries, well ours does.  The one set of batteries operates the internal workings: lights, refrigerator, fans, and furnace.  The other batteries are for the external workings, headlights, starting and keeping the engine going.  Well that is how I see it.  Well the external batteries are the ones that are going or have gone bad on us.  But when one has a problem like we have where you cannot start the rv because of batteries the other set of batteries takes over and we are off and running.  We do need to get that taken care of though.  It is like the up keep on a home there is always something to repair or purchase.

We traveled a little over 100 miles today to Cherokee Landing Thousand Trail RV Resort.  We are set to spend 2 weeks here, but we are thinking we may leave early. 
We are almost the only ones here in the whole park, but we are the only ones here at the upper level.  It is so nice to have it so quite other than those loud obnoxious black crows.  LOL

I do hear the lonesome whistle blow of a train off in the distance.  I have heard it twice since we have been here and that has not been that long now.  I do like that sound.  I am looking out the big front windows of the rv and see a large flock of Canadian Geese grazing on the lawn. 

I will give you a run down on the park tomorrow when we have been out and about.

We have our site all ready for the birds to visit and have a meal. 

have to go to the lodge to do the internet. 

I'll be darned,  I worked this blog for a while and my internet was so slow so we went to the lodge and did it.  Then I get home fire the MiFi up again and wow four bars and fast as can be I do not understand.  Maybe they turn up the power after 4.  LOL  I do not know but nice. 


 So true. Success is harder than it looks from the outside.

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