Saturday, September 22, 2012

roasting???? what's with that...

                   HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOM!!
He is stationed in Japan and I am not sure what day it is there.  There is a BIG time difference.  So much so when he flies home to the states he lands here before he leaves Japan.  So where I am located his birthday is tomorrow.  Not sure there in Japan so I will say happy birthday to him today, tomorrow and the next day to make sure I get the right day. LOL  I am sure someone will let me know, but it is fun to say happy birthday to him many times.

OOPS big error in blog yesterday.  I know I make some now and then and hope to catch them before press time, but this one was big.  No, we did not roast Snowy Egrets, but I am positive they would probably taste like chicken. lol The Snowy Egrets are roosting for the night. They are sleeping high in the trees.

Rog out on the lake.

 Rog relaxing at home.

Rog working at home make our rig nice and shiny.  I have three pics of Rog hoping this will makeup for the deletion of pic yesterday.
 I am trying to take pics of all the wild life in each area we go to, so here is a hopper.  

Here is Arkansas Steve raiding a campsite while they are away.

 The wild life would include the plants.  I thought this shroom looks a lot like a golf ball on a tee.

This is the kayak launch area.  This is where I spotted several turtles sunning on the logs, well sticks really.

Here they are.  One comes then another and the one that was there first moves up then another comes and we all move and so forth and so one until we have six, but my pic is so fuzzy so we have a pic of just four turtles here.
 I am sorry for the fuzzy pic, but I had to share.  It is a yellow bird with very green worm.  It was at the waters edge and I was at the camp site with the telephoto lens therefore the fuzziness that you see.

Some times I wonder if the scroll thingy will even show mine.
  In fact Michelle Obama has more "paid helpers" than  any other first lady in our countries  history.  Glass houses people.

 Ann and Greg you have to try this and let me know how it works out.  I can't because you know I will be hard pressed to find this kind of cold in Florida.

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