Sunday, September 2, 2012

Still no fast internet

Still we have almost no internet so no pics and many minutes up loading.  There is something that makes me pause and question stuff.  It takes me forever to up load to my blog.  I am up loading maybe one page of information.  Last night I went to the library and checked a book out and down loaded a whole book with many pages to my Kindle in a couple of minutes.  What’s that all about?

We are trying to plan the next segment of our journey.  We know the end point and the date we need to get there, but the getting there is the hard part.  I think because there are just too many choices.  Ruff isn’t it. LOL   I still do not know if “we” have decided.   That is another thing, well maybe the only thing that causes some strife is our household, deciding what we do next as we plan ahead.  Rog asks what I think and then plans what he wants. I wonder if that happens anywhere else.  I do not know why he just doesn’t plan and leave me out of it and all will be great.  It’s like when we were young and we would take the kids out to eat.  He would ask me where I do I want to eat?  I would say McDonalds. Then he would say are you sure you don’t want to go to say Jack in the Box?  Well if that is where you want to go then why ask me?  Let’s go where you want and be happy.  Men…

We just had a wonderful rain shower.  There was some wind, but mostly rain.  I am in my RV watching kids racing in the down pour on their bikes to a safe dry place.  Others are in their golf carts heading for cover. There are little rivers flowing through the resort now, but they really needed the rain here.  They are blaming Isaac again for this storm.  This blaming thing is sounding a lot like someone else in the news. We are having another down pour. The weather report says tornado warning, watches, what ever. We are always looking for the fun weather spots. LOL

I have finished knitting another hat, now I am back at knitting Laura’s sweater.  I do not want to get bored.  I am also wood burning some birdhouses.  That process takes time and is a little tedious, which means boring, so you need to take lots of breaks.

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