Saturday, September 8, 2012

still/girls having fun in the mud

Walking around these resorts one can see some interesting things.
Interesting happenings here at the resort.  This guys name is Pole Cat, I do not know why. He usually stays the weekends and has a big crowd.   He has a big site and his rig and stuff stays all year long.  His site is big enough to have his rv and a big covered area like a big garage cover,under are 3 tables, his golf cart, big fireplace, and yes, his still.

I have not been over with my mason jar for a sample yet. LOL Plenty of wood to keep things going.  

Legal History

  • The first excise tax levied in the United States was on distilled spirits. The revenue collected by this 1789 law was used to pay for the costs of the Revolutionary War. Citizens were irate over what they viewed as unfair taxation, and in 1794 farmers in southern Pennsylvania staged an armed revolt and refused to pay. President George Washington sent in troops to quell what was known as the "Whiskey Rebellion."
I am a firm believer in learning stuff.  That said the above website is very interesting if you want to learn ALL about stills and moonshine. It is called Moonshine-Blue Ridge Style  The History and Culture of Untaxed Liquor in Virginia.  Very interesting stuff.-
During Labor Day weekend we had a family across the way that brought this go-cart thing for the girls to ride.  The girls had a wonderful time.  One day we had a big rain and rivers were running through the resort.  Well between rains the girls hit the road and had the best time.  I just know my folks would have let us out in the mud having fun splashing it everywhere.  I wish I could have taken a spin or two in the cart myself. LOL

They had a pool party and cookout here at the resort today, the End of the Summer Party.  Well a cold front went through last night with high winds, but little rain and cool temperatures.  I am loving the cool.  Not so many in the unheated pool.   There were a few and yes you guessed it, just kids. It was cool and a bit breezy so not so many people.  We were early so maybe more came later.  We will have about 3 days of drier air and cool temperatures then it will be back up in the 90's.

Since I have some kids pics I thought I would include a cute cartoon about kids. 


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