Thursday, September 20, 2012

We decided to leave Tennessee early.  So we packed up and made a four state journey.  We started in Tennessee, dipped down into Mississippi, back to Tennessee, and then to Arkansas.  We traveled about 200 miles to a Corp of Engineers Campground.  It is really nice here.  Almost all of the sites are on the water.  Our site has a place to launch the kayak right here.  We might be able to kayak many times since we don't have to take the boat up and down off the top of the car. 

The rig still has problems starting so we got here and Rog found a place that will put in two expensive dudes, but we will have to wait until Monday, but we are not going anywhere until then so it works.

We are now west of the Mississippi again.  This is the bridge over the Mississippi River and here we are.   The trip was really quite uneventful which is good.


This poor little guy got in our way somewhere on the road.  He is so pretty.  

Interesting read the truth is important in all we do and say especially if you are in a place of power. 

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