Sunday, September 9, 2012

wineries/ geocaching

We were out and about winery hopping and geocaching.  We went to 3 wineries.  They all made a wine  from the Muscadine grape. This is the grape that my grandmother on my dad’s side of the family grew in North Carolina.  It has a very distinct flavor and aroma.  I was the only one doing all the sampling of course because Rog is a fine beer drinker.  We had a great time.  The wineries have a group of four that are in the Natchez Trace group.  They have a very ingenious advertising gimmick.  They give you a card with all four wineries on it and as you visit them and purchase at least one bottle of wine you receive a stamp.  Upon completing the card with all four stamps you receive a very nice monogrammed wine glass.  We did three of the four.  The fourth is in Nashville some 90 miles north of us so we will not be getting that great glass. 
One of the wineries had a guy singing.  I guess they do this every weekend.  Each night is a different singer.  This time was a Celtic folk singer, well I thought it sounded like Celtic Jazz and I was not impressed. 
This is a pic from a distance were the music was being played.  People came with lunch, some with cheeses and crackers and all drank wine and laughed.
It was a 4.5 mile drive to this winery from the other and what a beautiful out in the country drive it was. 
A vine growing on the side of the winery
We also did a geocache.  It was neat one of the wineries.  The cache was in the shell of an old old rusted out ford pick-up truck.  It was a small cache with only a log to sign.
The third winery was some distance away, about 14 miles.  We took another back way.  There were many places where the road was gravel, nice, but gravel then paved then gravel.   We found out that last year they had tremendous rains, around 22 inches and it washed all of the roads out.  It was a beautiful drive.
Our last winery of the day.  It is close to the birth place of Minny Pearl.
Where we purchased our wine.  They too have singers, but no one this weekend, next.
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