Friday, November 23, 2012


Rog was out today trying to undull (the computer is telling me this is not a word, I don't care it tells it like it is)  the plastic covers on the headlights.  He purchased a kit to do the job.  It came with all the necessary stuff to complete the job, but it was missing one big item: the elbow grease!!LOL   It takes a lot of rubbing.  First this way and then that way.  We both did the rubbing and it is looking really good, but not perfect.  We will get back at it tomorrow, I think.  I do have pics of what they look like before and in this case during.  

this is the before, but on the other headlight because I did not get out in time with the camera.

This is the pic of the during.  Not sure you can really tell the difference because the pics were taken at different angles and different times of the day, but it does look a lot better.
 This is the during because we have not completed the project, not even on one headlight. He is applying the rubbing compound liquid stuff and rubbing with different grits of sand paper.  They are really little pads and the grit is unbelievably fine.

These are the Christmas decorations.  People who know me will think this is nothing compared to my usual grand displays, but this is all that I can really reasonably do in the RV.  We are going to leave the wreath up while traveling.  We will see if it holds up in the 55 mph winds as we go down the road.  

Decorations in more detail.  All done.

 Rog recently ordered and received this stylist in the mail.  I thought is was interesting the huge package for the little thingy.  I guess they did not want it to get lost in the mail if it was small.  

 So very true.  


I knew it was just like this.  LOL

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