Thursday, November 15, 2012


 We are having a cold day.  For us cold is around 65.  It has been overcast all day too, no sunshine at all.  

I cleaned the upholstery in the car today and the inside part of the doors that never ever get cleaned when we wash the car.  We are all clean now.  
 We headed to the store and picked up some Christmas decorations for the outside of the rig, no room inside.  You are going to love it when I get them up and take a pic. 
I purchased a cookbook using rotisserie chickens  I would buy at the store all cooked and delicious.  I cooked a dish that was great.  I also prepare a dessert that used up some apples that I've had around for a while and wanted to use before they went bad.  It uses oats, nuts, cinnamon, butter.  Can't go wrong with that stuff.  It is so yummy and easy.  

While in Branson, Missouri Rog purchased a shirt made by Jeep.  Yes they make clothes.  Rog washed it and it came out very wrinkledSo just a heads up to Jeep car owners, Sally, you might not want to wash yours!!  You might concider having it professional dry cleaned.  LOL See the pics below and see what I am talking about.

This is the shirt after washing.
A true Jeep.
After I slaved over an iron to get the wrinkles out.
Notice Merry is thinking I did good or wants outside.

My snow pics 

 This is our nephew's car after the last snow in Montana.

This is cute.

Great art


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