Monday, November 5, 2012

Very Early morning for us

We are up and ready to go to the dentist at 5:30 yes, in the morning.  This is all on Rog's shoulders because he is the one who made the appointment.   It is still very dark out, there is not even a hint of daylight.  I am not use to hearing the annoying buzz of an alarm clock.  In fact I can not tell you the last time I was rudely awaken by one.  I even had flashbacks to the days when I use to work!  Yes, that is really really bad.

We made it to the dentist on time and got whatever needed to be done, but we need to go back at 4:00 in the afternoon, I was there to make this appointment.  lol  He needs to get a fitting then hopefully we are done for a while.

The resort is starting to fill up.  When we left this morning there was a rig parked in the sign in area, probably stayed over night.  Then when we came back from the dentist there were three rigs parked signing in and as I sit here typing there seems to be a steady stream of rigs looking for sites.  And I am only seeing part of the in coming because we are facing only a small section of the resort.  

Rog is backing up the harddrive on the computer.  We are getting ready to send it off to the computer hospital soon.  The resort said they would hold any mail that would come for us in case we are not here at the time of delivery.  Great idea Greg, but we asked and they said yes.  
Talked with Tom about our computer problems and he said that FedEx were the shippers and the fixers too.  They have a facility where they are FedExed to and they fix them right there and ship them back.  

This article found on the  Internet dated 9/2012
LOS ANGELES -- FedEx wants to do more than just promise overnight delivery of important documents and goods. Now it wants to repair your computer as well.

The Memphis-based shipping giant on Wednesday began reaching out to major corporations with overnight computer repair. It's launching its TechConnect service with the repair expertise of a small niche computer player Getac, a Taiwanese-based manufacturer of "rugged" computers aimed at the military, law enforcement and utility workers.
"We found there was a high level of dissatisfaction in the marketplace," says Tod Taylor, a manager at FedEx's TechConnect unit. "What we offer is unparalleled turnaround time."
FedEx, which reported annual revenue of $43 billion in 2011, has been fixing its own technology gear for 30 years, Taylor adds. Now it's using the same unit to fix outside PCs, too.
The company is starting with Getac and hopes to expand to other computer suppliers that can handle PC repairs. The focus initially is on capturing a chunk of business from the enterprise market. But FedEx hopes to expand to small businesses and eventually consumers, especially those who drop in daily to the 1,900 FedEx Office locations worldwide.
Pricing depends on the job. Repairing a device that's still under warranty would be free (plus transportation costs), while pricing for a computer needing a new hard drive or motherboard would depend on the cost of the part. But Getac says to expect prices to start at $50. Computers can be sent in via courier pickup or dropped off at FedEx locations.
Taylor says costs will probably be a little higher than those at a neighborhood computer shop or a chain like Best Buy. "There is a cost associated" with speedy delivery, says Taylor.
The business of repairing computers for consumers has seen better days, says Roger Kay, an analyst with Endpoint Technologies. "We're a throw-away society where if something goes wrong, you go buy a new one." But for enterprise, they make such big orders that repair and service is expected. He thinks FedEx is smart to expand to service. "It can be labor-intensive, but it already has the (TechConnect) unit in place, and they're using it to bring in additional revenue."
The upshot for FedEx is that it gets to cross-promote its shipping network and perhaps steal some customers from U.S. he adds.
For Getac, which has U.S. offices in Southern California, the deal with FedEx vastly expands its ability to turn around a repair in a day's time. In the past, computers were fixed at its Irvine, Calif., headquarters, but the repair window was small -- from around 11 a.m. when the PC reached a technician until the 4:30 p.m. shipping cutoff. Now, at FedEx in Memphis, shipments will be received at 5 a.m., making 24-hour turnaround a reality. "The extended day is very critical for us in repair," says Getac President Jim Rimay.

We headed back to the dentist and got all pretty teeth.  Decided to go to Olive Garden to celebrate.  I do not know how they can do it?  Their special of two entries, all you can eat salad or soup and bread sticks for $12.99!!!  We came away with enough food for six meals and they are all very good eats.  I love their salad.  Laura let me know that Sam's Club sells their dressing now and I went and got me some yummmmm.

No one talks about all his wealth.  How did he get all this money?
Working for us??????  I think I figured out where some of that stimulus money went.  Here and all his friend's pockets.  Could be, just thinking.

Now for a some cute pics I found floating around the Internet.

This butterfly is like the moth I took a pic of in Stone Mt. State Park in North Caroline this summer. 

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