Friday, November 2, 2012

computer flu

We  stayed home today ....well kind of.  We did not do anything exciting.  We went to the store and Rog asked if I wanted to go.   And he knows that if I go I spend money because I do not like to shop but I do like to buy, but if you make me I must and will  I do not have any room in my little house so I will buy stuff to send off to the grandkids.

We have sad news,  my computer is sick.   We hope it is not terminal.  First Rog took it to Staples where we purchased it and they said even under warranty they would charge him a lot of money to fix it.   They said we needed to call the computer company direct.  So Rog called the computer people and asked them what steps we needed to take to get it fixed under warranty.  So we are now waiting for a FedX box to be sent here and then send our baby off to the computer hospital for an undetermined amount of time.  Then after that undetermined amount of time they will mail it back to us.  This gets to be a bit sticky since we do not stay very long in each spot we stay, but that will have to be dealt with later.  This is why we do not have things mail ordered to us either unless we can get a guaranteed date of delivery.

I was wanting to go to some of the amusement parks this year and see the grand Christmas decorations they put out every year.  Anyone who knows me knows I love Christmas and all the glitz that goes with it.  Well they think all this glitz is gold.  I just can not justify the money it would take to see it.  I will have to find some drive by home grown outdoor decorating to see to get my fix this year.

Wait! I might be able to go because there is a lottery drawing tonight and I have the winning ticket, I think.  

It has been one lovely day here. 

"We" are having our site (yard) sales tomorrow morning.  I am going to put out the knitted hats and dish cloths and stuff and some other things that I really do not need and am tired of moving from place to place when we move the rig.  

 Regarding conservative "logic": “To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead.” ~ Thomas Paine,

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