Tuesday, January 15, 2013

no blame/magic show

you can take that to the bank!!!  Buck up Buttercup and move on.

Day 21

 We lazed around the resort again.  Played some cards and cleaned a bit, not too much that just can't be good.

Rog ordered the mail a while back and it came in today.  So we got caught up on that end of the world.  

I got a Living Social coupon for an all you can eat pizza, salad, pop corn and beer with dessert plus a comedy/magic show.  We were very impressed.  I wished I had brought the camera.  It was at a place called Wonder Works in Orlando.  The building appears to be upside down from the outside and as it turns out from the inside too.  It reminded us of the Ripley's Believe It Or Not buildings.  The pizza could have been better, the salad was great and very crisp and the dressing was great.  Beer is beer.  What was really great was the show.  He was so funny and the magic was amazing.  

We started planning our trip north.  I hate that part of my life, but at the same time it is neat to be able to pick and choose exactly were you go and what you see and do.  Like the saying above says; no one to blame, but Roger.         LOL

  About this time of the year this is how teachers start to feel, but remember summer is coming and you get to start all over next year.  See now that should make you feel a lot better.   LOL

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