Wednesday, January 16, 2013

cry baby/balloons/slide fix?/bingo

I am getting tough in my old age.  

20 Days Left until Tom is home!!!!
Today is my birthday!!! Today is my birthday!!!

I got greetings from my brothers (one is much older than I am) and I must say I am thinking they were saying nya nya nya your getting old, instead of greetings of happiness.  Now my sister in law, kids, cousin, and friends had greetings of happiness and warmth.   What can one really expect, they are brothers and I guess I should be happy they even emailed me at all.  LOL  Thank you all.

We had quite a show this morning in honor of my birthday, I am sure.   We had 7 hot air balloons pass ever so close over the resort.  I am thinking that this could almost be called a balloon festival. I have not put any pix on the blog for some time now so I will put a lot of my personal birthday "balloon festival" pix on this blog

We are sitting in or at our RV site when these pix were taken.

The car with the kayaks is parked across the way from us.   He has kayaked a lot of places in the US too.

Their having a lot of fun up there can't you see??

In this pic you can see the front of our car, that is how close they are.

I like this pic the best.

Remember before I blogged about how our rig is falling to pieces.  Well, we are working on another piece that has broken.  I am thinking Sally you might be right about this new rig thing after all.  

The rubber stripping that seals the bottoms of the slide-out has decided to leave town.  This leaves a good sized gap between the floor of the RV and the top of the slide-out unit.  So cold air, rain when it is really blowing out and creatures can if they want to get in.   So I stuff a bath towel in this gap to stop the things above from happening.  Well Rog has decided we need a better more permanent fix.   So he headed out to Lowe's and came home with what we hope is the permanent fix.  He did a little section and we brought the slide in and out while he watched and he thinks this is it.  So he is now putting it all in.  

 You see the floor, towel, and carpeting part is the slide.  As you can see there is quite a gap.
this is a pic without the towel.  As you can see there is a lot of room for stuff to happen, not to mention spydies.

The white metal stripe held the rubber seal in place.  He took out the screws to remove the old seal thingy. 

That did not work so he is cutting it out.

Here is a look of the underneath of the slide.  You can better see the metal strip and the gray is the seal that has been all chewed and torn.

Rog trying to work in a very cramped and hot place to giter done.

 This is the stuff he got to do the job.  It is flexible wall base stuff.

 This is the small test strip he placed in.  It seems to be working for the short test we have done.  He is planning on going ahead and doing it all and go from there. 
 Job complete.  Now I have to figure out what to do with the cut up towels I use to put there.   I am going to hold on to them for a while.  Don't tell Rog he might think I don't have faith in his repair job. 

Wednesdays are bingo night here at the resort.  Rog went with me tonight and we both donated, but again we got to talk with our bingo peeps and have some fun.  

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