Wednesday, January 9, 2013

happen for a reason/night light

We are finding we have a lot more pieces than we had before.  Our rig is falling apart piece by piece.  We have two doors on cupboards, which when opened fall downward.  They did at one time have chains, for lack of a better word, that stopped them from falling and hitting the cabinet below.  Well that is what I thought anyway.  Now I learn it stops them from breaking apart.  Well the chains have broken and were not fixed so now the doors are broken.  Rog is trying to glue them together.  Not sure how that will work out because of the location of the break.  If this does not work I do have a Plan B, but not sure "the man" will like it.  So he is working hard to get it repaired.  I know Sally "buy a new rig". LOL  And that is not my Plan B by the way.

The repairs are done on the cupboard door and we must wait and see if it is the true and final fix.  Rog thinks they look really good, but what does he know about pretty.  I will need to paint them because his Gorilla Glue is not pretty all dried out on the surface of the wood.  I was thinking a nice shiny black.  It is the door right below the stove, which is black, which right above that is the microwave oven which is also black.  So if I can get him to take it down after a while I can paint it.  Then again I could think like a man and hang a dish towel or two over the door and no one would see a thing. 

Rog also went to the store and purchased three more blinds to install.  They were a bit more expensive because these windows are 3/4 of an inch wider.  That's how things work in the replacement business.  They have a inexpensive base price and then charge by the micro-inch after that. LOL

 It is very interesting to watch them cut blinds at Lowe's.  They just purchased a new $100,000.00 machine.  The guy was very proud of this new purchase.  Said it cost more than his house.   You place the blinds, packaging and all, in the machine, punch some computer buttons and magic they are cut perfect every time.  When the box is opened it reveals your cut blinds and the pieces parts of the blind disappear.   Kind of reminds me of the magician who places his lovely assistant in the box and saws her in half, but in this case they saw the ends off of the blinds

Tonight was bingo night.   It was such a beautiful night out I decided to walk up to the lodge.  When I walk I use walking sticks so my hands are not free to hold a flashlight to light the way.  Well, Laura got her dad these neat bug LED lights.  So I clipped one on my shirt and formed it's  legs so it was braced and steady against me and off I went.  It worked wonders and lit the ground right where I was walking.  I am certain that Laura did not think her gift would be used in this way.  Thank you.
The LED light bug clipped on my shirt.  You can see the lit head of the bug in this pic.

We tried hard to get a night pic with the light shining on the ground, but we just could not pull it off.  But you can see the light shining in the middle of me and my sticks. 

 These guys do lunch up on me, Laura is the one they really like. 

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