Monday, January 14, 2013

role in life/Tom

 Days 22

Find the ones who bring out the best in you and hold on for dear life.  

 Got up this morning fairly early and went on Facebook.  I take a quick look to see if Tom is on and maybe I can text him or even better yet Skype him.   Then I get to see his wonderful smile and make sure he is looking good.  And yep, he was there and is great.  We talked for a long time.  It was early morning for me on Monday and late night for him on Monday.   He is very excited about ending his tour in Japan and getting back state side to be with his family for a while.  When he does get state side he will be stationed near his family in Tucson, Az not Phoenix.   He has 22 days to go.  So I will be doing a count down on the blog with him.  So the big red day and number at the beginning represents days left. 

It snowed in Japan where he is stationed and I am going to borrow some snow pix from his Facebook page.  Tom lives on a second or third floor apartment and these pix were taken from this warm location.  I do not have any from floor level, he is an Arizona guy. LOL




We are hanging close to the rig again today.  We did venture out to the post office.  Sent a box to the Montana folks.  I love to knit and hats are fun to make and I have a few laying around the rig.  Well, I am staying in warm climates the rest of my life and do not have any need for them. So off they go to the idiots, sorry did I type that out loud, nice folks that actually chose and want to live in the frigged cold of the Way North.  Enjoy peeps. 

Went up to Monday afternoon bingo and just donated this time.  It is fun and I get to talk with my bingo peeps.  I found out they moved the meat bingo on me to last Saturday and I missed it.  Darn.  I am hoping when we come back I will get in on it.  They only hold them only once a month.   

  So now I can get twice as much on the first trip. 


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