Tuesday, January 8, 2013

surround yourself/

Good saying!  

We are almost all settled in now.  I still need to get my lights up and shining brightly at night.  
We are not planning on doing anything special while we are here this time.  Got all the parks looked at during the Christmas time.  I love the decorations and all.  

They do have some interesting things scheduled here at the park that I am very interested in participating.    One is attending the reverse raffle, then another is playing meat bingo, and still another is creating a unique craft or two.  You will have to wait for future blogs to learn exactly what they are.  You have to wait in part because I do not really understand fully what they are myself and I am thinking one has to experience them fully to understand and appreciate the finer points of the activities. 

Gave Rog a hair cut.  No big deal; shear this part, trim this part, and shave the top part, done.  I do trim his mustache and eye brows some too.  They say one should not get a picture taken right after a hair cut, so he will wear a hat for awhile and then I will take his pic.  My family should appreciate this one. 

I cooked a pot roast in my new cooker and boy was it good.  I am liking this thing more and more each time I use it. 

We have been threatening putting up new shades.  I hate the ones we originally got with the rig seven years ago and now they are dirty and stained, so they should leave town.  While the peeps were here over Christmas someone closed one of the shades and broke it, darn.  So we went to Lowes and looked at and picked up one shade.  We wanted to make sure it fit and looked good before we took them all out.  Eureka! it looks great.  So Rog as some new stuff on his "to do list".  They are off white plain ole mini-blinds.  We were looking at shades that were special ordered and over $300 per and my windows are very small.  This shade we walked out of the store with it and it cost $18.  Win, Win.

I also got a Living Social to a comedy/dinner show in Orlando.  Have to make reservations and off we go to laugh? I hope.  The reviews of the place are very good.  One dude didn't like it, but can't please all of the people all of the time.  

 It has warmed up here in Orlando with some pretty high humidity too.  So I thought this cartoon was appropriate.


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