Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Happy Birthday to Laura!!!

We stayed  close to camp today.  I did some more cleaning and napping LOL  retirement is hard.  

We did go to the store and I got my hair cut.  It is really short, but I really like it this time.  The weather has been wonderful.  It has been in the low 80's.   We are parked so the door side of the RV is facing the sun so it gets very intense heat wise in here so we have to use both airs.  But so nice out.  It is suppose to rain tomorrow night and then cool off in the 70's for a while.

The bird feeder was in full use today, by bird and squirrel alike. 

I got some neat shots today.

 Robin with juicy bug

... and his mate
not sure what kind this is but..

... he and the Cardinal were hanging out in the same bush very close to one another for some time.

And this cute little sparrow.
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  1. You folks are having way to much fun. Its great to read your blog everyday I get a chance too. Have fun this summer on the east coast. Seen your brother about a month afo, he is looking good.