Friday, April 12, 2013

I am continuing with the "North Carolina"  Steve saga.  The top pic is my feeble attempt at trying to stop Steve from climbing the pole to the bird feeders.  They are Wal Mart bags blowing in the wind.  As you can see Steve is resting in their shade.  So much for that big idea.  Not only is he resting in the shade it did not stop him from climbing the pole and lunching up in the feeders.
He thought the pix from yesterday were so good and funny he thought he would add a new trick to the list.  Here he is hanging upside down on the swing feeder.  There is no need for this at all.  I can only reason that he is showing off for the camera.  LOL.   Most of the time he sits in the feeder.  I would think that would be so much easier and much more comfortable too.
He is getting the seeds from underneath, fishing them out between the boards. 
I just had to get a close up of his little feet hanging on for dear life. 
Trees blooming around us.  I have know idea what they are. 
Our spot.
The camera eye does not do these flowers justice.  They are a very beautiful shape of blue.  They are a little puddle of blue on the side of the slope.

We had a big storm come through last night.  We had a tornado watch and serve thunderstorm warnings.  Thankfully all we had was lots of rain and some wind, but not much.  I guess around us got much  more. 
This is our table cover for the picnic table outside.  Remember it rained last night and this is the pollen from just today. 
 I looked at the map for local pollen counts and our area:
 very high for tree, Oak, Birch, and Elm.
high for grass
moderate for weeds. 
I am not one that has ever had any signs of allergies and this stuff is just too much for me.  My eyes are burning, throat is scratchy, and I have a stuffed up nose.  I need to head west and particularly the southwest where the pollen map shows no pollen alerts.  Those cactus are stingy with their pollen. LOL
This is inside the house.  You can see where I wiped.
this is the yellow pollen on my hand from wiping off the little ledge under the TV.  

The trees are really taking off now and things are getting so green.  I am loving it.  

I have been really busy and had lots to say on the blog or not so much to say and just too tired or maybe too old to remember to blog it.  But, we have some new stuff in the rig.  We had to replace the "throne"  toilet.  The water would not stop running.  Rog took it apart to see if he could repair it, but no go.  So we have a new one.  Then the water pump went out so we had to replace that too.  We are all set now.
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