Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A little RV gardening demo:
This is a trowel, yes it really is and I am using it for the first time.  So you are invited on this little journey with me.  I have a herb garden that I carry around with me where ever I go.  Well, Laura has asked that I add some new herbs.


 I have taken it out of it's little case.  You can see the handle folded on top of the shovel part.

   Handle is opened and locked in place.  Really isn't it the cutest thing you ever saw?  It is really very sturdy.

   Digging with cute new trowel in the "garden".
  This is basal that I am planting now.  I have rosemary and oregano in the "garden" already.  They are looking good. 

   There were three families of geese traveling together that came by our rig during a pretty heavy rain shower today.  They did not seem to give a hoot about the weather.  In fact they probably are loving it.  There were  families with three, five and eight babies.  The above pic is the family of eight.


Looking for that very special blade of grass.

He is not quite as fuzzy as this pic, but soooo very cute.

We have had about and inch of rain so far this morning.  You can see the run off here.  It is quite a bit.

"Mom or dad, who can tell, just showed us how to do this."

This is the family of five.  They are older than the others.
They are all wet from the rain and grazing along. 

The weather man said our temp at 6:00 tonight will be 63 and at 11:00 it will be 66.  That is different.  We have always gotten colder the later in the night, but not so.  They say we can look forward to 90's in a couple of days.  We may even have a heat wave.  They said a heat wave is when you have 3 consecutive days of 90 or above.  Can hardly wait for that with humidity in the 80's.
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