Tuesday, May 7, 2013


  This is what I do with the boxes I ship to the grandkids.  I stuff more than what should really go in the box and hope the tape holds for the whole trip there.  LOL   I do not ship live animals though.


I feel like this at times.

What a cake. 

Just plain funny.  So just remember when you are eating your next chicken breast some poor young thing is not getting her implants.


  I'm thinking this is a Denver snowman who just has had too much winter.  Well really not too much just so late.  

As you can surmise I do not have much to talk about on the blog this time.  The weather is a bit sunny, bit cloudy.  We did have a couple of short cloud bursts.  

I am working on wood burning trays.  Will put the pix on the blog tomorrow.  Also we are trying to keep "Pennsylvania Steve" out of the feeder.  I will report back on how that works out too.  I hope we are not just giving him some fun activities on his way to the feeder and he is laughing all the way home.   

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