Monday, May 20, 2013

After 70 miles of grueling traffic and driving we finally made it back to Hersey, Pennsylvania.  LOL  We will be here for two and a half weeks.  Laura is driving in from Colorado to join us for about a month as we travel the New England states.  We are all looking forward to her visit.  

   The baby geese are getting so much bigger.  And there are a lot more families too.  We spotted, just coming in, 14 babies.  We knew of 8 babies before we left.  

  These are the blossoms from the last time we were here, just a week ago.  They are baby cherries now.  

They are planning a big Memorial Day here at the park next weekend.  We are thinking it is going to be really full.  We are thinking too that we are going to join in the festivities. 

It rained most to the night and this morning there was fog.  When we got here it was in the 70's and still fog.  So you know we were really comfortable.  

I must stop this complaining!!!  Those poor poor people in the Mid West with those tornadoes.  And then this one tonight.  We must pray for them and help anyway we can!!!   
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